Augustine Seva Nilaya – India

The Community of Augustine Seva Nilaya was formed in the year 2016 in Bellandur Gate, Bangalore. The Pioneering sisters who started this community were Srs. Sahaya Mary, Theresa Paneer Selvam and Angela Mary Anthony Swamy.

This mission was established to collaborate with National Domestic Workers Movement. Our main work is to fight for the Rights of Domestic Workers from the government and from the employees. We empower the domestic workers by unionizing them under Bangalore Domestic Workers Trade Union, which is registered under Karnataka Workers Unions Act -1926, and Karnataka Workers Regulation Act – 1958.
In our Union there 3000 domestic workers among them 2000 workers are registered under Unorganized Social Security Board.

We arrange with the domestic workers regular meetings, rallies, protests, campaigns, meeting with Governmental departments, officials, press conferences, public hearings, etc… on different occasions. We try to get for them benefits through Social Welfare Boards and other schemes. We train them for self employment by granting them small funds, give them skill training and health education etc. We 3 sisters, and 2 lay staff, cover up 48 slums and 23 villages of Bangalore.