Martha Lin Community – Taiwan

In 2001, 11th February, Augustinian Missionary Sisters arrived in Taiwan. The first sisters who arrived there were Sr. Piedad Pacho who was at that time a General Councilor with Sister Consolacion Pereira, Brazilian. Sr. Antony Lazar from India joined them on 12th February.

In August 24th Sister Begoňa Escudero from Spain joined the sisters in Taipei. The three sisters formed the community called Martha Lin Community. The sisters started involving in doing volunteer work in different centers with mentally and physically challenged children, leprosy patients and giving catechism in the parishes.

​We render our service to the orphans in a catholic center called Joanna’s Cathto work with the children. We also extended this service to include more categories of orphans such as physically and mentally challenged children, migrant orphan children, senior citizens. we also involve in pastoral service in our parish such as, catechism to children and adult people, choir, communion service, meditational yoga-bible class and help our Parishners in their various needs.

Today, the dream of having a community in Taiwan with proper identity and with the spirituality and Charism of the Augustinian Missionary Sisters has become a reality. The Holy Spirit will show us the path to follow according to the needs of the people of Taiwan and the signs of time. Let us look at the future with hope in God.